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Wearable Sports Performance Analysis for Individual Sports

New: Naos Sensor

Get instant feedback with our new flagship sensor

Picture of the Naos sensor

Naos is the world's most advanced and precise motion tracking sensor. All recorded raw data is transmitted in real-time to our analysis servers, via an encrypted 4G cellular data connection. And it features that much awaited u-blox M10 GNSS chip, providing superior satellite data quality over any other wearable GNSS sensor currently on the market. Technical specifications

Our cross-country skiing customers won 10 medals at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Congratulations!

Collage of athletes in sports that our system supports: cross-country skiing, alpine ski racing, biathlon, track and field, sprint running, hurdles

How does it work?

Four simple steps to objective sports performance data

  1. Switch the sensor on
  2. Give it to the athlete
  3. Train. Record videos if you want
  4. Get instant performance feedback
Picture of providing performance feedback to athletes

Yes, it really is that simple!  Multiple years of the World's leading research and practical experience with the best teams are distilled into our products. Data processing is automatized and our sport-specific visualizations allow everyone to immediately understand performance. No data or sports scientist is needed. Get instant feedback with the Naos sensor, during training. For offline / after-training analysis it only takes 10 minutes of your time to completely analyze an athlete.

Impressions from our Webapp

Track and Field Performance Analysis

The next revolution for track and field training!

Record and improve your sprint performance every day using only one single wearable sensor.

With our web application you can automatically obtain cadence, step length, step speed, vertical oscillation, center of mass speed and much more. Instead of only 2-3 times per year each time you train and with instant performance results! Learn more

From EUR 39.- / month

Winter Sports Performance Analysis

Cross-Country Skier Illustration
Biathlon Shooting Illustration
Alpine Skier Illustration

For all sports we provide customizable video overlays. We developed a special synchronisation device that automatically synchronises your data with your regular videos. You can continue to use your current camera.

Don't see your sport? Contact us so we can chat and add your sport to our portfolio!

Why Archinisis?

All athletes, all the time

Never miss any motion of your athlete, even if he is not in view. Our smart analysis algorithms and data visualizations let you discover critical sections within seconds. Focus your attention on these moments instead of shifting for hours manually through all data and videos. There is no detail we cannot see.

Optimize your coaching

Our quasi-instantaneous feedback allows you to easily test new exercises and training techniques. See the influence on performance immediately and track the training progress over time.

Base your decisions on hard facts

We provide relevant sport-specific parameters. Don't get lost in dozens of parameters and keep your focus on the few parameters and measures that are really relevant for progressing with your athletes. We carefully selected the parameters based on scientific literature and numerous exchanges and tests with the world's best coaches.

Explain performance

With our data and video overlays we help you understand and explain performance. Is your athlete fast because of a good technique or only because he has exceptional strength?

Improve everyone's consciousness

Athletes want to understand how they move and perform. Our performance data helps to increase and calibrate the body awareness of each athlete. He better understands and stays motivated.

Our Services

You are busy and need to concentrate 100% on training and coaching. We are here to support you and do the tracking and performance analysis for you!

Measurements and Analyses

We join your team for selected training days or even for entire training camps. You don't need to own our technology for this. We take all required hardware with us! We will analyse the performance of your athletes on-site so that you can provide valuable feedback on the same day. Learn more

Customized Developments

Do you have a specific motion or performance test you want to track with our technology? Are you a company that needs help to integrate some movement tracking algorithms into your existing product? No problem, we provide custom-made algorithms, tailored to your specific needs. Tell us more about what you need!


We are Swiss: for us privacy and confidentiality are key and have a long tradition in our country. We take the utmost precautions to safely store your data. We would never think of giving away any data or insider coaching information to anybody outside your team.