Archinisis GmbH is a small sports tech company located in Düdingen, Switzerland. We are specialized in algorithm design and sports performance analysis for individual sports. Our in-depth view at the data, combined with simple to understand visualizations, allows coaches for the first time to truly understand the performance of their athletes during their day-to-day training.

Archinisis was founded in 2018 by Dr. Benedikt Fasel, in response to a strong demand for easy-to-use yet highly accurate tools for tracking athlete's performance in day-to-day training sessions. Benedikt's unique knowledge and experience gained during his PhD studies at the Laboratory of Movement Analysis and Measurement at EPFL allowed a very efficient development of the first product for analysing cross-country skiing performance. After only one year of development the product was released in 2019.

Commercial success allowed hiring a first employee the same year. He was in charge of algorithm and software development until 2022. Performance analysis solutions for alpine skiing, biathlon, ski jumping, athletics, ski- and snowboard-cross, show jumping, and rowing have been released since.

For the Winter Olympic Games 2022, 14 national teams from 6 countries used our system to optimally prepare and choose the winning strategy. In cross-country skiing, our customers won a total of 10 Olympic Medals.

Today, in winter sports, Archinisis is known as the leader in sensor and video based performance analysis. Our goal is to make champions, and we do everything possible to achieve this. Our customers are impressed by our reactivity and how they play a central role in our company's philosophy and product development.

National teams and athletes from the following countries train with our products: Germany, France, Finland, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Norway, England, Sweden

Archinisis is bootstrapped and 100% self-funded.


Archinisis GmbH
Bonnstrasse 18
CH - 3186 Düdingen

E-Mail: contact@archinisis.ch
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