Alpine Skiing Section Analysis

Jérémy, February 12 2021

In alpine skiing competitions and training, apart from the final time and the few defined split times during the run, it might be difficult to tell when and where an athlete gains or loses time along the course and how she/he compares to the other athletes of his team.

Also, it might be interesting sometimes to know where it could be advantageous for the athlete to intentionally reduce his speed to cope with a difficult turn or where seh/he could go faster while keeping a good trajectory so that in the end seh/he finishes with a better time.

Fortunately, our solution for alpine skiing provides the tools you need for that.

Timing and performance analysis

Start by uploading all sensor data from the training session to our webapp. Then, segment all the data with your smart segmentation tool.

Screenshot of the smart segmentation for alpine skiing

To compare all segments, on the dashboard, click on the stopwatch next to the measurement group. Runs from different course settings are automatically categorized. If multiple course settings are detected, you can choose which one you want to analyze and compare.

Screenshot to select the course to analyze and compare

Split times

You can easily define custom split times along a course and instantly get timings and section times, with time differences between all athletes or multiple runs on the same course.

Screenshot to define and label split times

Click on the trajectory at the locations you want to add split time points, give them a label and save them. Once done, refresh the page and that's it, the results will be displayed. To help you select split times at the right moment we also show you the turn switches.

Section Analysis

To get a better insight of an athlete’s performance on a short section of the course, our webapp also supplies detailed section statistics. This includes the number of turns, the section duration, the trajectory length, the section entrance and exit speed, as well as the average speed.

Screenshot of the time and section analysis

With all that information it is very simple for you to test different approaches on the field during your training sessions and get the answers just a moment after. This is a perfect opportunity to put numbers on feelings and continually improve the performance of athletes, without spending too much time and energy with too complex setups.

And remember, all this also comes with our automatic video synchronization for interactive video analysis!