Extended Partnerships

Benedikt, November 4 2020
System Instruction with the French Cross-Country National Team in Davos

Partnership Upates

Temporarily slowed down by the Covid-19 restrictions teams were finally able to continue their usual training over the summer. With increased training activity, demand for our products has increased too: initially, both the French and Finnish national teams bought only a handful of sensors. Soon coaches were "fighting" for sensors and they all wanted to improve their training with our objective data. They ordered more sensors and athlete profiles and are currently measuring almost daily. We are incredibly proud of this high demand among coaches.

In September and October we were able to expand and strengthen our key partnerships:

Skiing trajectory with speed loss and gain superposed on a video still image.
The future of alpine skiing video analysis. The video was recorded with a standard handheld video camera. The trajectory is the result of our unique video fusion with the GNSS-IMU sensor data.

New Collaborator!

Portrait Janis Lindegger

Janis Lindegger, living in Trondheim, joined us a few days ago. He holds a Master's degree in Human Movement and Occupational Science from NTNU and is cross-country skiing coach and team manager. He will be working parttime and is responsible for our market expansion in Norway.

We will demonstrate our technology during the first FIS race of the season: Beitostølen (Nov 20-22). For each race one athlete will be equiped with our system. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions in place Janis won't be able to be present physically but as we offer an automated digital tool it's no problem to analyse everything remote. To interested coaches and teams, we will share a detailed race analysis 2-3 hours after each race and may hold some form of webinar afterwards.