First Year Archinisis

Benedikt, May 9 2019

The last six months went by very fast and Archinisis kept both focussing on expansion and the release of the cross-country and biathlon performance analysis platform. Senior lecturer and coach Stefan Lindinger is now the official brand ambassador for cross-country skiing and biathlon. He was for many years in Salzburg and is now in Gothenburg. He is author of many of the most read and cited cross-country research papers of the last 15 years. Fredy Hauser, marketing expert and sport enthusiast, is coaching Archinisis in all marketing-related questions.

And, most important, Archinisis hired the first employee after the founder: Jeremy Patton was hired in February and works as a software engineer and algorithm designer. He holds a master degree in life sciences from EPFL.

The upcoming weeks will be spent by further spreading our system and extending it to other sports. Negotiations with different national teams, race organizers, and companies from all over Europe are currently underway. Contact us if you would also like to work with us!

Social Media

Since March Archinisis has also its own Instagram account: We try to post every week some information about our latest developments, conferences, collaborations, etc. Follow Archinisis on Instagram to never miss any news!


Picture from ICSS - Courtesy Teemu Heikkinen, University of Jyväskylä

GEST 2019, Feb 20 - 22, Würzburg, Germany

Archinisis took part at GEST 2019 both as an exhibitor and a presenter. We presented our latest work on automatic sub-technique classification in skating cross-country skiing. We can proudly state that our system is the best performing system for everyday use during trainings with a correct recognition rate of 98.4 percent for gears 2, 3, 4. Read the full details here.

ICSS 2019, March 11 - 15, Vuokatti, Finland

The International Congress on Science and Skiing took for the first time place in Finland. For Archinisis this is the most important research congress as most researchers active in winter sports sciences and biomechanics are present - the current main target group for our research market. Archinisis did live demos with different participants from Scandinavia and central Europe and also demonstrated its ability to include other systems where a combination with force data from Proskida was presented. The two systems together are able to provide you the full picture about cross-country skiing, from forces to kinematics.