Hello Naos!

Benedikt, June 29 2022

Meet Naos: our new flagship GNSS-IMU sensor. Featuring the next-generation u-blox M10 GNSS chip and real-time streaming of all raw motion data over the 4G cellular network it is the world's most advanced and sophisticated athlete tracker.

Photo of the Naos sensor on a wooden table

Making the Impossible Possible

To develop our next sensor, we were looking for a company which is like us: make the impossible possible. We found our luck in the German company ANavS, specialized in high-end ultra-precise satellite tracking and sensor fusion for industrial applications.

We set them the challenge to design a new wearable sensor with a small form factor, use the upcoming u-blox M10 GNSS chip, include an inertial sensor (IMU) and a barometric pressure sensor. Then transmit all this data in real time over the LTE/4G cellular network. With the cherry on the top: an autonomy of at least 4 hours.

They already had done all this stuff previously. But for a device as large as a shoe box and with an external power supply with a battery weighting over 1 kg. Would they be able to squeeze this down to the size of a match box and less than 100 g weight?

After over a year of innovating, developing, optimizing, the answer is: yes!

Collage showing the PCB inside Naos and the final dimensions of Naos

The World's Most Advanced Sensor

And so, we are extremely happy to offer our customers the world's most advanced athlete tracker. We have done many tests over the last months and were impressed by the results. ANavS was able to keep all their promises and the sensor measures the athlete's raw movement in real-time with an exceptional accuracy.

This is the raw data Naos measures and streams to our cloud in real-time:

So what?

Naos is the most easy-to-use and precise sensor for analysing athlete's performance. The real-time data streaming offers completely new training and feedback possibilities.

Here are three major training improvements we observed during our tests for track and field:

Screenshot of our video player for hurdle speed analysis

For who is this?

Naos and our performance analysis are for all athletes wishing to go at one point in their live to world championships or Olympic Games. Using our product significantly improves the chances of winning. Our products already helped many athletes to become Olympic Champions and win overall World Cups, European Cups, and National Championships.

You are unsure whether this is for you? Complete our assessment and we will get back to you with personal feedback.