Launch of Track and Field Performance Analysis

Benedikt, June 9 2020

Initially planned for the upcoming fall we are very happy that we can already release our newest product now: track and field performance analysis. It uses the same hardware as for the other sports: a miniature sensor with integrated GNSS (GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO) and inertial sensor worn on the upper back. The software has been adapted to measure sprint-specific parameters such as running cadence, step length, or vertical oscillation. Open the full product description

During the month of May we were able to extensively test our product with high-level athletes from Switzerland for sprint, hurdles and long jump. First tests have also been performed at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) for pole vault. These tests allowed us to fine-tune our software, increase its robustness and make sure that we deliver exactly what athletes and coaches need.

We are extremely proud to release this unique product for the track and field sports. Usually, to obtain the same parameters, complex and time-consuming tests are needed that can only be performed 2-3 times a year in dedicated research centres. With our product athletes can measure these parameters during each of their training and have the results ready within minutes!

Step-averaged speed and vertical oscillation for a typical sprint
Average step speed and center of mass vertical displacement (e.g. vertical oscillation) for a typical sprint. Each step (left and right) was time normalized to 100% prior to computing the averages. This figure is automatically generated for the steady state phase of each recorded sprint.

We believe that this product will provide the extra input needed for athletes to keep their energy high and fine-tune their performance until the Olympic Games - despite that this year's competitions are postponed or will take place in a special format. Our system gives athletes the insights needed to gain the extra 1-2% and secure the podium.

Press Release (PDF)