Cross-Country Skiing

Accurately track the athlete's movement during all his trainings

The small GNSS-IMU sensor, weighting only 36 grams, is worn on the upper back during the entire training. Because of the small size and low weight the athlete is not aware of being tracked. At the end of the training, the data is uploaded from the each sensor to our servers. On our web interface the training is geolocalized and individual laps are automatically extracted and analyzed. After a few minutes, all data from all athletes is available for analysis.

Picture of the GNSS-IMU sensor
Screenshot of the Analysis Dashboard

Analysis Options

Video Analysis

Screenshot of the sychronized video

For easy interpretation of the performance data, for example for technique training, the synchronization unit allows to synchronize videos automatically with the data. Speed overlays on the video can thus be created automatically and help to browse through the data and understand better the performance of the athlete.

Performance Analysis

Dedicated algorithms allow to obtain accurate continuous split times. Time differences between athletes and laps can be easily tracked over time with waterfall plots. Color-coded maps display the speed difference between any two laps, from the same or from two different athletes. Within seconds, each athlete's strenghts and weaknesses can be identified and progress tracked over time. Everything is web-based and no special programs are needed. Thanks to our special algorithms all the analysis is fully automatic and almost no user interaction is required!

Split Times
Continuous split times
Color-coded Speed Differences
Speed differences between two laps