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Video and Sensor Based Sport Performance Analysis

Maximize Your Training

Hard work and tiny details make the difference between winning or losing a race. We make sure that you have all the relevant data to control these details, and win the race.

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Highly specialized sensors and analysis algorithms track your training and deliver relevant performance metrics displayed intuitively on your training videos and on interactive graphs. Track your performance over time, compare it to your peers and uncover the details that make the difference.

Real-Time Feedback

Your speed is transmitted instantaneously to a server and can be displayed in real-time on the coach's tablet. Your coach can see your speed overlaid on his video or compare it to your team mates' performance.

In-Depth Analysis

After training, all videos and sensor data are downloaded onto the coach's computer and transferred to our web application for automatic analysis. After a coffee, the data will have been processed and ready to go through and show to your athletes.


For all sports we provide customizable video overlays of the trajectory, speed, and heart rate. We developed a special synchronisation device that automatically synchronises your data with your regular videos. You can continue to use your current camera.


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Don't see your sport? Contact us so we can chat and add your sport to our portfolio!

Our Services

You are busy and need to concentrate 100% on training and coaching. We are here to support you and do the tracking and performance analysis for you!

Measurements and Analyses

We join your team for selected training days or even for entire training camps. You don't need to own our technology for this. We take all required hardware with us! We will analyse the performance of your athletes on-site so that you can provide valuable feedback on the same day. Contact us for a quote!

Customized Developments

Do you have a specific motion or performance test you want to track with our technology? Are you a company that needs help to integrate some movement tracking algorithms into your existing product? No problem, we provide custom-made algorithms, tailored to your specific needs. Tell us more about what you need!


We are Swiss: for us privacy and confidentiality are key and have a long tradition in our country. We take the utmost precautions to safely store your data. We would never think of giving away any data or insider coaching information to anybody outside your team.