Offline motion tracking sensor

This is our previously used GNSS-IMU sensor. It measures position and speed with a GNSS sensor (u-blox M8), acceleration and angular velocity with an inertial sensor (IMU) and barometric pressure with a barometer. All data is stored locally on the sensor and is downloaded to a computer via Web-USB after completing measurement.

Data sampling frequencies:

Picture of the Admos sensor
Officially, this sensor is no longer available, however we can still organize you some, if needed. Please contact us for more details.

Our replacement for AdMos is Naos. It is a bit larger than AdMos but offers superior data quality and battery live. Naos features the new u-blox M10 GNSS chip and is the only sensor able stream all raw data in real-time over 4G/LTE. In the offline mode recording duration is over 16h, compared to about 5h for the AdMos sensor.

Picture of the Admos sensor next to the Naos sensor for a size comparison
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