Biathlon Performance Analysis

Automatically measure how much time your athlete uses for shooting

How does it work

  1. Switch the sensor on
  2. Wear it during practice or competition
  3. Our smart algorithms automatically detect, filter, and analyse all movement periods of interest
  4. Improve the performance based on the (live) feedback
Picture of an athlete wearing the sensor

During practice and/or competitions the athlete wears our sensor on his upper back. We provide a specially designed shirt to hold the sensor in place. For highest accuracy and real-time feedback we recommend using our flagship Naos sensor.

With the Naos sensor, data can be instantly streamed to our analysis server and you can access the sport-specific performance data via your smartphone, tablet or computer. With the legacy Admos sensor all data is stored on the sensor itself and you have to download the data via USB after completing a training session or competition.

Our analysis server automatically scans the data for the segments of interest and proposes them for in-depth analysis. In addition of defining reference laps / rounds which are then automatically detected in the data, our system knows the exact coordinates of the shooting ranges and extracts this data for the shooting analysis. No need for a painful browsing through hours of data and manual selection of the start and finish of a segment.

For each segment selected for the in-depth performance analysis our advanced fusion algorithms take all raw sensor data and computes the center of mass kinematics (3D position, 3D speed, 3D accelerations, angles of the upper body in space, and 3D rotation speeds) 200 times per second. The sport specific performance feedback is then distilled from these 3000 data points and visualized such that our users can obtain instant, easy-to-understand, and actionable performance insights.

All the Cross-Country Skiing Analyses

For the skiing part of biathlon you get the same analysis options as for cross-country skiing. A glimpse of the possibilities is illustrated in the video just below. Scroll down for discovering the biathlon-specific part.

Shooting Time Analysis

Example of the biathlon shooting analysis

All shooting ranges are automatically detected. Our system measures range times, time on mat and can detect the exact moment of each shot. Of course, shooting postion (prone, standing) are detected as well. The graphical representation of the different phases allows to immediately see where the athlete gains or looses time. For the first time, the coach can record a high number of shootings and see how performance evolves over time and whether specific shooting trainings are providing the desired effect.

Race Analysis

Example of the race analysis overview
Race overview with the different segments for each athlete and the track map and elevation overview.
Example of the split times obtained from the race analysis
Split and section times.

Automatically analyze complete races. Obtain total race time, time spent skiing, time spent in the shooting range, split times, section times for each lap. With our solution you no longer need to spend hours analyzing conventional split times and computing section times. Of course, for each section we also compute cadence, average speed, etc. Time spent on uphill, downhill and mixed sections can also be retrieved.