Easy data overly on your video

Our specially designed synchronization unit allows to synchronize any video from a standard video camera with the GPS-time. Over the camera's microphone-in connection the synchronization signal coming from the synchronization unit is recorded on the audio stream. The GPS-time of each video frame can then be obtained by uploading the video on our cloud service.

System Synchronization

In addition, the synchronization unit has an analog input / output. 3V and 5V TTL signals can be recorded or sent over this input / output, allowing any other system to be synchronized in post-processing. Example systems which are compatible are the Myolution Aktos system or the Qualisys camera system. This allows for example to have EMG signals automatically synchronized with videos and 3D motion data, allowing a better and faster understanding of the recorded movement.


The synchronization units can be used completely independent of all other systems and performance analyses offered by Archinisis. One unit costs EUR 1'250.- or CHF 1'450.-, excl. tax and shipping.

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