Starting our 3rd year

Benedikt, May 14 2020

Remote training

Archinisis' systems allow to track training from a distance. We cannot replace the coach's eyes but our system monitors the entire training, no matter where the coach is - next to a skiing track or at home. Thus, he always knows what his athletes are doing and can closely follow their training progress. Even when the athlete is training hundreths of kilometers away.

Centimeter accuracy

With our latest updates we are able to obtain a centimeter-accuracy for reference tracks and can compute the mechanical energy and motion efficiency. This new tool allows to compare the influence of fatique and training progess on their skiing technique and efficiency. In the example below we show how the mechanical energy changes for different slope angles between the first and last lap of a double poling interval training.
By the way, the tracks can now also be exported to CSV and GPX files, for example to program treadmills.

Energy level versus normalized double poling cycles for interval training
Mechanical energy level changes between lap 1 and lap 8 of a double poling interval training. One lap measured 2.15km and had a total climb of 41.5 meters. Each color shows the average energy level fluctuations within double poling cycles for a given slope inclination. The most efficient movement would be a straight line from zero to the energy level at 100% of the cycle. Especially for slight uphill (blue) there is a big difference between the laps and we can see that due to fatigue the efficiency has decreased.

Summer sports

We have started our testing phase for sprint and hurdles performance analysis. Within two weeks only the system has been tested by 5 national and international-level athletes and the results were very promising. We are confident that we will be able to launch this new product in early June, already!