Real-time motion tracking sensor

Naos is the world's most advanced and precise motion tracking sensor. All recorded raw data is transmitted in real-time to our analysis servers, via an encrypted 4G cellular data connection. And it features that much awaited u-blox M10 GNSS chip, providing superior satellite data quality over any other wearable GNSS sensor currently on the market.

Picture two Naos sensors with two sensor shirts

Technical Specifications

Naos sensor with the size dimensions and weight
81 x 53 x 17 mm
78 grams
Data transmission, real-time mode:
4G data transfer, worldwide
Data transmission, offline mode:
Onboard storage, USB-C for data download
Battery duration:
4h real-time mode, 12h offline mode
Basic sweat- and rain-proof, not waterproof


  • u-blox M10, supporting 4 constellations (GPS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS)
  • 3D position
  • 3D speed
  • 10 Hz sampling frequency
IMU / Inertial Sensor:
  • ST ISM330DLC
  • 3D acceleration, +-16g range
  • 3D angular velocity, +-2000 deg/sec range
  • 208 Hz sampling frequency
Barometric Pressure Sensor:
  • Bosch BMP390
  • Barometric pressure, 0.03 hPa relative accuracy
  • 12.5 Hz sampling frequency


Our specially designed sensor shirt is optimized for light weight and comfortable wearing. A pocket on the upper back hold the sensor in place and makes sure it does not move, not even during the very explosive movements of a sprint start or for snowboard halfpipe.

And instead of the boring black which heats up in the sun, our shirts are colored with the beautiful "Archinisis blue".

Naos sensor shirt