10 Olympic Medals!

Benedikt, February 23 2022

Our customers of the cross-country skiing performance analysis solution have won a total of 10 medals at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games: 1x gold, 4x silver, 5x bronze. Congratulations!

28% of all cross-country skiing medals were won by our customers representing Finland, France, Italy and the United States. Moreover, they achieved 35% of the top-10 places, both for women and men!

Picture of the Beijing 2022 cross-country skiing stadium

The Finnish athletes dominate "our" medal count with 6 medals. We don't think that this is a coincidence. Their athletes and staff are using our technology for the third season in a row. Over the last two seasons they were able to learn how to smartly use the objective training and race data our technology provides.

Immediate availability of performance data helps coaches and scientific staff to make the right decisions at the right moment. They can base their decisions based on objective facts. Our solution allows recording performance data from training sessions and races and can record track profiles with centimetre precision. This allows to understand and plan the optimal race strategy and identify the key sections of each track.

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