The Winter for Archinisis

Benedikt, March 20 2020

CES and Swissnex SF

CES2020 Swisstech group picture

In January 2020 we were at CES 2020 in Las Vegas and at Swissnex in San Francisco. Those three weeks were intense, we learned a lot and did even more networking: we talked to many interested persons, to senior researchers, athletic directors, and to a few potential future customers. And we won the 3rd place at the #swisstech startup competition in Las Vegas!

We won the 3rd place at the pitch competition SwissnexSF group picture

We could confirm that we are on the right track with our unique selling point: it seems that no other company is able to offer such a simple yet in-depth sports performance analysis like we are doing. This gives us energy for the future and shows that even as a small company we can compete against the big players.

New Customers and Customer Success

Our increased sales efforts are bearing their fruits as well: the Finnish and French national teams are now using our system and we are very proud to support their athletes with our technology. We also have the first sport gymnasium, the Hochalpines Institut Ftan who is using our system for training their top athletes in alpine ski racing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing.
Our sponsored team, the Team BSV IBEX, is doing very well in this season and their coach confirmed that our system contributed to an optimal season preparation: without our system, their athletes would not have attained such good results in their first season as a Visma Ski Classics team!

Team BSV IBEX group picture. Photo credits Visma Ski Classics